All about The Study Buddy

A history lesson.

Well, given that The Study Buddy was founded in 2018 there's not a lot of history to it. The company was created by Nathan McGurl as a way to help his son with GCSE revision. It was also motivated by the hope that he would pick up good habits around time management, prioritisation and maybe, just maybe, a little self-discipline. And it worked so much better than shouting or revision osmosis that other parents heard about the technique and wanted to give it a go. And it worked so well with those other parents that the venture was created to help promote the method and provide the underlying products that would help get people up and running quickly.

The Study Buddy is a culmination of experience and also project management techniques. It's agile. It's waterfall. It's growth mindset, It's eminantly practical. What's not to love?

At it's heart, The Study Buddy is about helping students to fulfil their potential. If you're looking for a silver bullet to make A* GCSE pupils, keep looking. We're about balance and structure with revision and life.

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